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Group Galore - Partner of performing arts in online-video communication

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Sustainable audience building and increase in sales for performing arts and culture thanks to years of experience.




Producing and recording of local stage performances for audio-visual communication in the web.


Streaming& Publishing


Global visibility and reach through digital publishing and distribution as streaming video.


Audience& Reach


Value creation and secondary exploitation of video content through online marketing

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Web producer for art and culture for more than 15 years

The audience does not clap for something that they’ve seen before“ Maria Callas

Explore new horizons with us and profit from the success of audio-visual communication methods. With us, you do not only make your audience clap – not just on site, but rather from every digital medium that our modern world has to offer.

The digital culture is our home: we look back at 15 years of pioneering work in the area of web production for customers from ARTE to ZDF.


Pipette instead of a watering can

The audience first knows what it wants when it sees what it wants.“ Samuel Goldwyn

Make yourself visible! Sometimes you have to change the packaging so that the content is interesting – we “package” your individual contents in appealing forms of presentation and make it visible for your audience throughout the world.

For this purpose, we develop customized format and communication solutions dealing with your institution and stage and put your contents in a completely new limelight – not just on site, but rather globally in the world wide web.


Kein Goliath. Doch mehr als ein David.

Pipette statt Giesskanne

Frauen unterwerfen sich willig der Mode, denn sie wissen, dass die Verpackung wechseln muss, wenn der Inhalt interessant bleiben soll.“ Noël Coward

Individuelle Inhalte brauchen indiviuelle Verpackungen, individuelle Verpackungen brauchen individuelle Präsentationsformen. Wir entwickeln die individuelle Format- und Kommunikationslösungen rund um Ihre Institution und Bühne, um Ihrer Darbietungen und Künste noch ansprechender und nachhaltiger im World Wide Web audio-visuell in Szene zu setzen.


Live online

We know what we are, but not what we may be.
William Shakespeare

The entire world is a stage – and you play the main role live. Whether a play, concert, comedy or poetry: we give your performing arts a digital and audio-visual face in the world wide web and maximize your audience through this.

To do this, we bundle two strengths in one business area: live web services and web production.

You know what you are – we show you what you can be!


Exciting ideas for your content!

My drive, my motivation was always my love of the audience” Ella Fitzgerald

We love the digital culture and look back at many years of successful web productions. In a constantly changing world, a sense for future market developments as well as a quick reaction to these are indispensable.

This sense and passion for the creative, digital world makes us a pioneer for new concepts and formats that are just waiting for your content!


Digitale Präsentationslösungen für Ihre Bühne

Packende Ideen für Ihre Inhalte!

Unsere langjährige Erfahrung im Bereich Web-Video, ein verlässliches Gespür für künftige Marktentwicklungen und eine stets inhaltsbezogene Denke machen uns zum Vorreiter für neue Konzepte und Formate.