Content Value Services

Audiovisuelle Inhalte erstellen, optimieren, verwalten. Das leistet Group Galore durch strategische Positionierung von digitalen Inhalten, spezifische Gestaltung und neueste Technologien.

Wir helfen lokalen Bühnen und Inhalten, Kommunikations- und Wertschöpfungsmodelle für die digitale Zukunft und die globale Reichweite zu finden.

Diese Form der Video- und Web-Produktion nennen wir Content Value Services.

Group Galore. At a glance.

Since 2008 located nearby Frankfurt, Germany and since 2014 in Zürich. The head of group galore is the founder and managing partner, diploma-qualified media manager(Hochschule Rhein-Main, Wiesbaden) and filmmaker(E.S.A.V. Toulouse) Marc David Nathmann. His long and international experience in the field of Content Value Services is trusted by clients from ARTE to ZDF. His knowledge and experience is also applied to the Zürch Univeristy of Arts as teacher.

No Goliath. But more than a David.

We are smaller than our renowned competitors. Despite this, we offer all vital services on an integrated basis from a single source. And we are incomparably flexible when the schedule is pressing and challenging projects are required to go off without a hitch. We differentiate from smaller competitors due to our well developed and exclusive client structure and our international scope of experience.

Four strengths. From a single source.

The Group Galore Team combines the skills of a concept design and creativity agency with those of an online editorial unit and the know-how of a Film-Production and an IT Service Provider. This is reflected in our integrated and experienced divisions: