With more than 15 years in the video content business for customers from ARTE to ZDF, we advise and

we accompany you online with questions about moving image communication.

From the technical infrastructure at the production sites to production processes and moving image design to wide-ranging publication.

Recommendation with practical experience.
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Examples of consulting, conception and operational services:

Audiovisual content can be created in a wide variety of forms.

From the live direction on the basis of e.g. cut lists over interactive tools (e.g. tunings) up to graphic elements (e.g. belly bindings, credits etc.)
we design moving images according to specific requirements.

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Below you will find a selection of our multi-camera and live streaming offers.
For further services in consulting, editing, design and technology please contact us!


  • 3 Camera production (remote controlled)
  • Live-Directing
  • Live-Encoding
  • 2-channel audio mix
  • Player that can be integrated (Youtube/ Vimeo/ Facebook)
  • Transmission volume for unlimited number of concurrent viewers
  • Recording and playout in mp4 format
  • Motion design (opening credits, closing credits, waistbands etc.)
  • Integration of advertising partners (video ads)
  • [/x_icon_list] Requests!


  • 5-8 Camera production (remote controlled)
  • Live-Regie
  • Live-Encoding
  • 8- Channel audio mixing
  • Integratable neutral player (no branding)
  • Transfer volume for up to 600 concurrent users
  • Postproduction with adjustments for picture and sound and playout in desired format
  • Send design (opening credits, closing credits, belly wraps etc.)
  • Integration of advertising partners (VideoAds)
  • [/x_icon_list] Requests!

    Conditions of the plans

    At the following locations the multi-camera production and live broadcast of the with the lowest possible preparation at the touch of a button.

    The extensive experience gained in production and means of production flows into Group Galore

    in the expansion of sites with system solutions for audio-video production: